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02 April 2010 @ 10:16 am
reid icons/wall  
[1-2] Alias
[3-13] Big Bang Theory
[14-18] Chuck
[19-48] Criminal Minds
[49-50] Felicity
[51-57] Fringe
[58-60] How I Met Your Mother
[61-66] Misfits
[67-70] Vampire Diaries
[71-74] White Collar

WALLPAPERS (1024x768):
1 Criminal Minds

Here @ sexy_mood_music. The post will be public for 5 days, and after that, you NEED TO JOIN to see the post, but don't worry because EVERYONE GETS ACCEPTED! Please read the rules at the entry, and please leave any comments or feedback you have over there, too. Thank you! :)